Easter Passion Play



The annual Easter Passion Play is an interactive indoor and outdoor walk-through experience for the entire family, depicting the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Visit the Passion Play website here


The Easter Passion Play will take place on Sunday, April 6, 2019.


We are in need of volunteers for these areas:

- Scene directors (contact Kathe Burghart - katherina@andrews.edu)

- Volunteer coordinator (contact Emily Cancel - cancel@andrews.edu)

- Blind guides (contact Emily Cancel - cancel@andrews.edu)

- Actors/ Actresses (contact Kathe Burghart - katherina@andrews.edu)

- Gophers (contact Emily Cancel - cancel@andrews.edu)

- Hair and makeup artists (contact Kaity Cancel - kaitlynn@andrews.edu)

- Costume assistants (contact Emily Cancel - cancel@andrews.edu)

- Set assistants (contact Emily Cancel - cancel@andrews.edu)